A Weird Start

Posted on: Monday, August 20, 2012

This has been one of the weirder starts to a school year that I've had. Last night I was getting ready to go to bed and finishing up some things in the kitchen around 11, and I kept noticing ants crawling about. There were too many for my liking, and so fearing I'd wake up at 5 to a full on invasion, I changed back out of my pjs and Kyle and I went to the store to get some spray. 
Kyle wanted to go to Whataburger while we were out, so we went through the drive through, which took way too long for a fast food place. But it was kinda fun being out and about at night. :) (it doesn't take much, people)
I finally got into bed around 12:30 or so, and I closed the door with the cats in the room with me, so they wouldn't go sniffing the bug spray. I think I inhaled some of the spray myself, as I had a sneezing, coughing, runny nose attack. Of course, once that calmed down I still couldn't sleep for quite a while. I ended up with maybe a couple hours of patchy sleep. But I was excited to get the day started and pack up my snazzy lunchbox for the first time!
So, I headed out around 7:20 and got to Baylor right before 8am. My class didn't start until 9 but I like being early and getting some work done on campus in the student lounge. I overheard a professor starting an undergrad class with some spiritual yoga, so that was interesting. Eventually some people I knew arrived and I hung out with them until class started. About half way through class, the super loud and blaring fire alarm went of, much to our surprise. To our continued surprise, as we all hung out right next to the building, the alarm kept going off and the firemen arrived. While we were waiting, the idea crossed my mind that my lunch box, which I had forgotten and left in the lounge, had been noted as a suspicious package, thus causing the evacuation and intrigue, haha.

From what I heard "something went off" on the third floor. Eventually the building was cleared and I made sure to grab my lunch on the way back to class.

Due to the lack of sleep, and because it's me, I had a pretty unpleasant headache today, but I only had one class and a group meeting, so I got to recover back at home with some homework and cat time. No sign of invading ants, my crock pot pot roast was a success, I'm going to workout in a little bit, and Kyle will be home later this evening. Tomorrow- first day at my internship!

Grad school is going to be crazy, but I'm really excited. I already feel more like myself, and it's great. :)

- Mrs. M


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