A Lunch Date

Posted on: Saturday, August 4, 2012

On Thursday Kyle and I had a little lunch date. I went to pick him up from the motorcycle shop as he dropped his bike off for some repairs after work, and he drove us to this Mexican place in Killeen he had been to a couple times before (it is also a little shop, butcher, bakery, all around Mexican convenience store), called Mercado Azteca. As we were driving there I asked him if it was a shady place, and he asked why I thought it might be, and I replied because we were heading towards a shady part of town (I don't know much about Killeen, but we were in the area where Kyle lived at a motel after we got married- suspected center of a prostitute/drug ring and definite roach motel. I killed several bugs on my visits. And I challenge those Febreeze commercial folks try to make those rooms smell like anything other than a chain smoker's den. I could not do it.). Aside from the bars in the windows and the gentleman with the swastika tattoo in line behind us, the place was quite fun and festive, and the food was great. I get stressed ordering food at new places where right when you enter someone is ready to take your order, so I just had what Kyle had (steak burrito), but it was really tasty. Kyle also ordered us horchata, which I had never had before and Kyle wouldn't tell me what it was ahead of time. I thought it tasted like liquid cake mix at first, but it was quite good.  I'm glad husband took me there, and that our car was still outside when we were ready to leave.

On the way home we randomly stopped at this thrift/antique shop. We didn't buy anything, and the prices seemed kind of high, but there is a lot of stuff there. Including old coke bottles with the beverage still in them. Is that a thing people in the world want? If so let me know and I'll go back and get those two six packs for you...

That burrito was really, truly delicious (and I do not usually like tortilla). I am dreaming of when I can have another.

Happy Weekend!

-Mrs. M


  1. Yes, please go back and get those cokes for me. I'm dying to add them to my collection!

    In my experience, pretty much all of Killeen is nasty! I always tell my family it's a good thing that Austin is so close otherwise I wouldn't visit them!


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