We Finally Got Some Curtains

Posted on: Monday, August 20, 2012

 There is really no good excuse reason why it took us so long to put up some curtains. There were blinds up already when we moved in so we just used those, though the cats have partially destroyed most of them with their enthusiasm for bird watching and squeezing themselves in places they don't fit. We put up some makeshift curtains in our bedroom, as Kyle sometimes has night shift and has to sleep during the day; and by makeshift I mean we stapled tapestries over the windows. The front large window in the living room was in a particularly sad state of blind coverage- the "window" in the blinds the cats have carved out for their needs was gaping and I was growing more uncomfortable with the thought of creepers seeing into our house, so on Saturday I went to Target (where else) where I walked up and down the curtain aisle for about 15 minutes deciding what pattern to get. I decided to go for the red, partly because with my other top picks there was only one set remaining on the hooks and I needed at least two, and I thought the red would be bold. Also, even though it's not my or Kyle's favorite color, we seem to have touches of red in the house. Anyway, I like them, and I think the cats do too.

Huxley being helpful as always.

Darwin exploring. 

- Mrs. M


  1. I love those curtains! They look amazing!

  2. Ooh, those are pretty. Our bedroom is pretty boring, maybe we should get some curtains :)


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