Thursday Thoughts (13)

Posted on: Thursday, August 2, 2012

{one} Kitty picture, featuring Kyle. I think Darwin's life goal is to somehow walk on the ceiling. I don't know what she is thinking, but she tries hard to get up there. And we sometimes encourage it.

{two} I  got new glasses! With my last pair, the nose bridge pads are reflected in the lens, so it is like there is always a little smudge I can't clean away, which is super annoying. I thought this time around I'd get some larger glasses, the better to fit my large head (I figured?). I really like them!

I had to order this shirt, because it was on sale and has penguins on it (my hockey team!). Also- a little back-to-school shopping; this is grad school appropriate, right?

Maybe I will make my mark in the world of Baylor social work by being known as the lady who wears animals on her shirts, as I've already got a bird shirt and a cat shirt. Hopefully I will also be known for other things, but you've got to start somewhere! Animals on my shirts is not a bad place to start. 

{four} My Summertime Swap package from Wendy arrived! It was packaged so nicely and contained such great summery stuff! I'm wearing the tank and lip balm right now :) Thanks Wendy, and thanks to Linny for hosting!

{five} Kyle and I had a little lunch date at a Mexican restaurant today. It was really tasty. More on that tomorrow!

{six} I start school sort of next week! We have two orientation days, and then a week long intro to the profession course, and then classes and internship start on the 20th! I'm excited, and nervous. This is my new big adventure for the next two years. Baylor, me and my new large glasses will be seeing you soon. I hope you like me even though I'm not Christian and am weirded out by all this Christian themed assigned reading. I'm sure we will have some interesting conversations.

{seven} I'd say I want it to be fall, but I don't know if there is much of a fall down here to look forward to. I just want it to be cold. And more northestern USA-like. I miss Pittsburgh weather, rainy and ugly as it often was. It is more of the school setting I like, if any of this makes sense.

{eight} So, Chick Fil-A. I get that this is America and you can think what you want and express it, but if you tie your controversial views to that of your company, shit is going to go down. Also if your views go against human rights in an effort to suppress the happiness of others (which seems like an entirely stupid and purposeless endeavor to me), I'm not going to like you, regardless of if you sell chicken sandwiches or cow manure. And I know it is a tricky situation when states begin banning businesses with less than ideal views, but I'd rather err on the side of equality than that of oppression. That is all.

{nine} Last chance to enter the Olympic giveaway! I'll pick and announce the winner tomorrow morning!

-Mrs. M


  1. Wendy sent you some fantastic items. I'm loving that adorable pink tank top & nail polish :)

    Thanks again for joining the swap, sweets!

  2. Love the swap items! What a sweet partner!

    Also, I know plenty of non-Christian Baylor students, so don't worry. My program doesn't have specific religious reading--at all--but trust me, there are plenty of non-Christians. You'll be great.

    The girl with animals on her shirt made me laugh.

  3. You rock those animal prints, girl! As long as they aren't pants! (or out of control!)

  4. AH! Such cute glasses! I need new ones so bad, but I always procrastinate going in for eye exams. :)


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