I Will Have my Fall (Even if Texas Doesn't)

Posted on: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If you were familiar with me or my blog around this time last year, you might remember that fall is my absolute favorite season. I went a little crazy at the pumpkin scented/flavored section of Wal Mart (and still have some of that febreze left!).

I think fall is a favorite for many folks. Understandable, because it is perfect. Fall in PA is just lovely- the trees change colors, the air gets colder, Dunkin' Donuts breaks out the pumpkin spice flavored items (I used to work there), and all is well with me. This will be my first fall down in Texas, though, and the last season I have yet to experience in this southern state. From what I gather about Texas, however, there are mainly three "seasons"- Really Really Hot (over half the year), Less Hot and Stormy, and Warm or Sometimes Chilly. I suspect there will be some days that feel like fall, but I'm not at all expecting a similar shift in season as up North. I am determined, however, to make autumn happen here, even if the weather doesn't entirely cooperate.

I will wear all my most autumn attire. 

I will bake things to make the house smell and taste like fall.

I will buy some pumpkins at the farm where we got our Christmas tree

And then I'll roast the seeds from those pumpkins.

I will go to Starbucks for some pumpkin spice. And buy some Dunkin' pumpkin spice if they have it in stores here.

Also, I am looking forward to handing out Halloween candy for the first time (in our own place)!

I will have my fall. 

- Mrs. M


  1. I'm definitely ready for the fall weather too. Not to mention those amazing Starbucks drinks...yum!


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