Weekly Photos

Posted on: Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kyle building and the finished shelves, did you know you can get a drivers license without a photo? tasty margarita at Dead Fish Grill
Olympics, finally hung up our guest stump, stuffed peppers, Huxley
all Hux. I set this hammer down on the futon and he slept all over it.
cork collecting, new pjs, D took to chewing my bags, cross-paw Hux
 apparently the more well-educated I get the larger my glasses get. rolling Army shirts, Hux
dark chocolate almond silk, cucumber water, the most delicious burrito, pinatas
 kitty was hanging out again, I always get one school logo notebook a semester, car wash, margarita #2 (made by Kyle)
BBQ, cold treats after seeing Spiderman, reorganizing desk, Hux in a small box on my lap. 

-Mrs. M


  1. Your kitties are so cute! So are your glasses! Have a great week :)


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