Saturday Cats Stray Edition

Posted on: Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday evening I was out back with D & H and I noticed a little kitty just outside our fence, sniffing around. Kyle and I have seen cats that we suspect are strays about the neighborhood, and judging by how thin this little lady was, I guessed it was one of them. It came to me as I called for it, so I went inside and grabbed a can of food. When I came back out I couldn't see her, but found her again wandering in the neighbors yard. She came to me again when I called and I held out the can of food through the fence. She followed me as I went to our side yard and set the can down; I also brought out a bowl of water. Kitty seemed friendly but I didn't touch it or let it in our backyard with the cats. I watched her eat the whole can of food right then. I imagine you're not supposed to feed strays, but I had to. After eating kitty wanted to come in the yard and was rubbing against the fence where I stood. I went in and got a bowl of dry food to leave out and she was gone when I got back, but the food was empty in the morning (save a few ants). Sigh. Also the neighbor dogs got loose two different times Kyle and I wrangled them back into their yard. Are we the only ones taking care of their animals on this street?! A couple weeks ago another dog got out and was running around our yard, barking at us, stepping on broken glass in the back alley. It makes me mad.

- Mrs. M


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