Summer Favorites

Posted on: Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet lady Lin and a couple other gals are hosting Random Thursday, and this weeks topic is favorite things about summer! 

I do not like summer, because summer is hot hot hot, especially now spending my first (10-month long) summer in Texas. But aside from the heat and AC bills, between the bug bites and frizzy hair, even I can find some good things about my least favorite season. 

 Cold Treats. A particular abundance of them. 
Hanging out in the backyard, reading, tanning, longing for the air conditioned indoors, whathaveyou. 

 Flip flops and sandals all the time! Though in Texas this is a year round luxury. 
Summer movies. 
Birthday times, both for Kyle and I, and a lot of friends too. 

Though my favorite summertime of all is summertime in Finland.
And, funny enough, almost exactly a year ago I wrote a post about my summer favorites, you can see here

-Mrs. M


  1. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Summer movies is a good one! I.can.not.wait. for the Dark Knight Rises - going to get my tickets this weekend.

    By the way, your cats are so cute!

  3. Those cold treats look super yummy and so does that BBQ. Those probably have to be two of my favorite things about Summer too!


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