Ten on Tuesday

Posted on: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1. I feel so bad for my husband. He goes to work at 2pm, comes home around 8:30 the next morning after the night guard shift and PT, sleeps from 9am to 1pm, then gets up and does it again, for a week straight. It's no fun. I'm hoping he'll have the weekend off, or at least a day. Four hours of sleep tops is not good for the Army. From the sounds of it they don't have much to do either, and he'll report to me how many crickets he killed on guard (600 lats night). I wish they were at least using the time to train our soldiers so they are ready for deployments. But let's not get me started on all the things wrong with the US military. I plan on making Kyle a cheesecake at the end of the week (never made one before).

2. Still in love with my planner. It took me not as long as I expected to get over my nervousness about actually writing in it and using it, haha.
yes I need my planner with me at all times thank you

3. I'm getting ready for school! Doing some supply shopping, figuring out student loans for the first time, more Baylor paperwork, clearing the clutter from my desk, buying books. I'm excited but also nervous. I'm not quite sure what to expect.

4. Turning 24 on Sunday. Is 24 noteworthy for any reason?

5. I thought Dexter season 6 was really great. It got back to the Dexter of early seasons that I love so much, and the story was great and captivating throughout. I'm looking forward to 7 and 8 and seeing how they end the show.

6. I could use a good girls night, but all my girls are states and states away.

7. My German friend posted this photo from the wedding, of the table toasting with their cake pops! Love it! My mom's friend made the most amazing cake pops and we put one for everyone at each table; hopefully there will be a detailed photo to come!

8. My tattoo is all peeled and still there!

9. What a perfect and pretty summer treat! raspberry sorbet in lemon bowls

10. This is still happening soon! :)

- Mrs. M


  1. YAY for an olympics themed giveaway!! I am so excited for the olympics :)


  2. 1. I could never survive that schedule. He's a tough man.
    2. So adorable.
    3. How exciting! Have fun school supply shopping
    4. Every year is noteworthy :)
    5. Me too! I really wasnt liking the direction they were going in before last season but glad they went back to their roots.
    6. Agreed. That's the only crappy part about having all your friends be fellow bloggers, they're all out of state :(
    7. How fun.
    8. Haha, yay!
    9. Oh wow, my mouth is watering.
    10. Pretty rad. I'm excited about this!

    Thanks for linking up sweets.


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