Thursday Thoughts (12)

Posted on: Thursday, July 19, 2012

{1} Kitty pictures. They took turns at this window yesterday.

{2} I finally get my husband back! Tonight is his last night shift (for this week) after a marathon of night shifts, so he'll come home after PT and probably sleep until dinner time, and then we should have the whole weekend together.

{3} I got my kindle fire! Well this is a birthday gift from my family; I opened it early because I thought in the box were actual books I ordered for school, but then there was the kindle and I thought why stop now (/I was sad and home alone)! The free books seem to be either classics or trashy romance novels, so I downloaded some of the classics and only bought one book so far (Stiff by Mary Roach, about cadavers! my type of book, considering I've worked with cadavers myself). I also downloaded the Bible, and spent the evening reading between the two. The book about dead bodies makes a whoooole lot more sense to me, but I find if I approach the Bible like I approach ancient Greek mythology (which I love), it makes the story more bearable and I am less critical. But still critical, because what in the world? I like that on the Kindle Fire I can highlight parts of the book and write notes just like I would do on paper, so I can ask questions later. Anyway, I wasn't sure for a long time if I wanted a Kindle, but I love it and I think it will be great for grad school (if not for textbook use, than simply to have quick, easy and light access to lots of books should I need/want them). 
also I accidentally borrowed Harry Potter. but it's Harry Potter, so that's OK with me. 

{4} I recently discovered these wife swap shows. They are ridiculous.

{5} I'm all ready for my cheesecake baking adventure tomorrow! I'd never heard of a springform pan, but I got one of those too.

{6} My nails are currently Christmas colors. I wasn't
going for the seasonally misguided festive look, but I wanted green toes and then wanted red nails, so it happened. 




  1. If you get Amazon Prime, which is $79 for the year, there are a lot of free books you can get from the library on Amazon. I only have my iPad, so it doesn't work on there and I've spent waaaaaaaaaay too much money recently buying books for it. But it's so much easier to read on there!

    And your nails are adorable! Christmas in July is always a good thing :)


  2. Love Harry Potter, Mary Roach, and the Bible, so you're winning with that Kindle!

  3. Congratulations on the new Kindle! I have a Nook & love it. Cheesecake baking this weekend? Awesome. I made a pumpkin cheesecake topped w/homemade whipped cream a few months back & inhaled that sucker haha.

  4. Everytime I read your blog I want to adopt 20 cats. So cute!

    I'm love my Kindle! They're the best! Happy Thursday!


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