Fourth of July

Posted on: Thursday, July 5, 2012

For the holiday, Claire, Nathalie and I attended the Freedom Fest at Fort Hood yesterday. Kyle has started guard duty, so his schedule is dumb and he had the night shift (basically working from 3 yesterday afternoon until 5 this morning, and then he had PT until 7:30. yeah.), so he could not celebrate with us. But we all went on post for lunch and then parted ways. The fest started at 1 and we were in the gates by 2, so it wasn't too crowded, but people were arriving through the day and as it got closer to concert time. The event was free and open to the public, and the main event was a Kelly Clarkson concert in the evening before fireworks. There was a carnival set up and lots and lots of classic (read: fried) American food for the foreigners (and myself) to try for the first time. Fried oreos? There is a reason to that madness. It was a really warm day, but at least not as hot as the previous week, and there was a breeze and shade available. Somehow we were there from about 2 to 10, people watching, taking laps around the whole event and returning to the shade, drinking water with a hint of lemon that someone decided to pass off as lemonade. And did you see the moon last night? Crazy. I hope you enjoyed your fourth!



  1. So cool! I've always seen those fried oreos when we go to the fair but have never been balsy enough to try them haha. Hope they were delicious.


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