Turning Twenty Four

Posted on: Monday, July 23, 2012

My birthday was pretty low key. We went to IHOP for breakfast as we both got up really early. Then we came home and tried to figure out more about the situation with the dogs next door. There are 2 pups (less than a year old) that live next door; they were puppies right around when we moved in. They always bark and run to us when we take out the garbage, and they enjoy watching the cats when they're out back. They are friendly, obviously starved for attention and not trained. The last I saw of anyone being at the house was Thursday evening, and I hadn't seen the dogs food/water bowls filled, or a car at the house all weekend. The dogs got out a couple times and Kyle and I brought them back to their yard. Sunday morning I went to the door and knocked to no response, and noticed pamphlets and a door hanger still there that we got at our house a few days ago; clearly nobody had been there, and nobody was looking after the dogs. So I cried and was furious, and we gave them water. Later I went to the store and got them food and fed them and filled up their water again. I decided to Monday morning call the animal shelter (closed on Sunday) or police, but this morning there is no sign of the pups next door, and no sign of anyone at the house. The gates are closed, so I'm not sure what is going on, but did someone really come get them in the middle of the night? I hope they are somewhere being taken care of, though. :/ If they return I will proceed to look into their care. 
 as little pups months ago

Aside from that, Kyle and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises, which I enjoyed very much. We got to the mall shortly after 10, and apparently things don't open until 11 or 12, so we walked around, said hi to the security guard, noted the lady mall walking, and eventually got into the movie. Afterwards we went to get Kyle a new phone! He hasn't updated for five years (little flip phone), and was pretty resistant (scared) of getting a new one, but the long and boring gate guard shifts finally convinced him otherwise. Kyle fell asleep shortly after getting home and went to bed around 5, so I hung out with the cats for the evening and didn't really sleep. 
a couple gifts from husband. random picture of my feet and movie ticket!

one of the better meals I've had at IHOP
this exists. so that is awesome. 
made for much smaller people

empty mall. pet supplies
I asked Kyle to show me where all the crazy rules were in the Bible (via Kindle). behind the counter at Verizon
sleepy boys

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

-Mrs. M


  1. Aww, the puppies are so cute!! I want to love them. I hope that that whole situation gets resolved and nothing really bad happens. I'm glad you at least got to see a fun movie on your birthday- I want to see that movie so badly! Hope there's more fun to come!!!


  3. aw those poor pups!! Some people make me so angry :( :( I hope they are being well taken care of!

    Happy happy birthday!

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