Wedding Caricatures

Posted on: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I don't remember where exactly the idea came from, but hiring a caricature artist was one of the things I settled on pretty early into planning. I did a Google search to find artists in the area, and hired a local artist through The Nose. I didn't really advertise to the guests that we would have a caricature artist, so it was one of the pleasant surprises of the evening. Our artist, the talented Angie Jordan, was set up during cocktail hour down in the basement of the farm (where cocktail hour happened), and moved upstairs to a nook up above the bar and DJ area at the reception. She was wonderful and captured people's quirks and personalities, and I loved seeing all the guests' caricatures through the night. They definitely provided many laughs, and I love that it was something the guests could bring home with them to remember the day (including ours!). Here are a few that folks posted on facebook! 

 Nick and Teresa
 Abigail (she likes to talk hahaha) and Christy
 Alyssa and Chris, Anne and Sean
 Nathalie and Claire
 Dad and my sister Erica (bottle in hand, sassy snap)
 my brother John and cousin Edin
 Aunt Jenny and Mom
 Matt with Ashley, Titus (and Lahiru)
cousins Sheridyn and Vienna

And ours!

Aren't they awesome? I guess it helps if you know the people, but oh well! 

-Mrs. M


  1. This is so fun! My friend is a caricature artist, and she did them at our wedding as a gift, and it was such a hit. She even made us a poster sized picture that's now framed and hung in our office.

    Thanks for linking up today!


  2. You have no idea how much I adore the caricature artist idea for a wedding. So fun & original! Your drawing is so damn cute.


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