The Last Couple Weeks

Posted on: Friday, July 6, 2012

Kyle sporting a shirt from Doha, Darwin, hot hot hot, neutral color (sugar daddy?)
chai! tasty honey sesame chicken, washer/dryer shopping, he wants to build things
lunch, Darwin napping, tasty summer pasta

change in Army schedule- making lunch/dinner for Kyle in the morning, baking cookies and gifted awesome stackable baking rack! new phone case, it actually fits, taco dinner
D in the sink, breakfast, leftover wedding straws are the best, limeade
wedding thank-yous arrived, washer/dryer shopping- we decided on this set. there are so many buttons!

 Claire bought some bacon soda to bring back to Australia...
our machines arrived yesterday! Kyle put this picture of a puppy he won't let me get on my desktop. How mean :) 

Life of Love
What is something you've always wanted to do but haven't? Why not? 

I think it is easier to think of things I have done that I would like to do again, this time with Kyle, such as going up in a hot air balloon, whale watching, and a trip to Finland. As for something more long term, always is a big, long word. The only thing I can think of always wanting to do is to be a mother. We are planning on waiting until I finish grad school, so two years from now we could be prepping for or close to welcoming a little one!

- Mrs. M


  1. Hot air balloon ride! My mom got to go up in one in Albuquerque last year and I've never quite gotten over the jealousy! ;)

    Love all the pics, Sarah!

  2. Wow Finland... I would love to go there. Love it that you put being a mom. You have a great blog.

  3. I need a cool cookie cooling rack like that one. I have this cheap ghetto one I picked up at the dollar store haha.


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