High Five for Friday

Posted on: Friday, August 17, 2012

1. I adore these two.
2. I found these awesome skull rings on etsy. I think they're subtle and cute.
3. This gold skull on my desk is probably less subtle, but still awesome.
4. Kyle and I went to Scholtzsky's for the first time- we liked our sandwiches and I really liked the raspberry iced tea.
5. We also saw the Expendables 2 today, haha. It was just what you'd expect, especially if you've seen the first one. We were given a bunch of free Expendables stuff at a bar in Pittsburgh, combined with the overall ridiculousness of the films, I think we're obligated to see these films. Though rumor is the next one will feature Nicholas Cage, ugh, so I may not see that one.
6. Kyle made a post about some new maps we got in the mail, and included this cute picture of Huxley resting on one of them.

- Mrs. M


  1. I have such a crush on Will & Amy...yeah, we're friends so I can call them by their first names lol. (I wish)


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