Thursday Thoughts (15)

Posted on: Thursday, August 16, 2012

{one} brother and sister bird watching.

{two} I am hoping to go to Boston for spring break next year. I've never really done anything interesting on any spring break (well except for getting married on my last one HAH), because I'm usually the dork that uses the time to still do work and not have to deal with the chaos of a short trip. BUT here's the thing. a) I'm already craving being somewhere other than Texas, b) I've been all around the USA but never to New England and I think I would like it and c) I know so many people there now! Two of my bridesmaids Emma and Tracy are in their second and first years of grad school up there, our friend Allie is from there, AND my sister, who has been working at Georgetown University Qatar campus for the last two years, will be returning to the states and moving up there in September for a manager position at Georgetown Cupcake (super cool. She worked at the very first DC shop while in undergrad). There's really no reason for me not to go, except figuring out if Kyle would be able to come also. Army things are likely happening next year, and in Army fashion we might not know too far in advance. But I've looked into plane tickets already, and they're just so inexpensive right now.

{three} Kyle and I have been watching the Long Way Down on youtube. Ewan McGregor and his buddy Charley ride motorcycles from the tip top of the UK to the very bottom of South Africa, with a small team. It's pretty cool, even if you're not that into motorcycles (me). We are currently at the part where they are in Kenya, I think a little over half way of the distance. It makes me want to adopt all the little children.

{four} I'm not sure when the wedding photos will be ready. Sometimes I forget that happened. I guess I'm no longer in such a rush to get them; I think it helps that we saw a preview a while ago. I am looking forward to sharing more about the day and the details here on the blog, though!

{five} My week-long intro course has ended (except not really because we still have stuff due, including a group presentation, and two more class sessions on the next two Fridays), so I have my last long weekend off before school really starts on Monday! I had to get a drug screen for my internship, and other than that I should be ready to go! Binders and textbooks and post-its, oh my! I will not be saying very much, if anything about my internship on the blog/online. I will be at a hospital and residential treatment center working with at-risk patients, so for confidentiality as well as simple professional reasons, I won't discuss even how it is going. But I am optimistic and really looking forward to the experience! I will probably have a blog post soon about my Baylor first impressions, and general excitement over my profession of choice. :)

{six} Somehow no pictures were taken (not even of the food!), but I met up with Sar for lunch the other day in Waco! She was terribly sweet and funny and listened to my crazy family drama.

{seven} Any nail polish and The Office fans? You may get a kick out of this as I did! I would definitely add "that's what she said" to my polish collection.
{eight} Ever really loved a book and didn't really know why? I randomly picked this up from a bookshelf in my 11th grade classroom and read it, and it is my favorite book. I have reread it since, but I'm not sure I could tell you why it quickly became my favorite. It must have really appealed to something in my 11th grade self.

{nine} I'm excited for fall TV to return. Because of shows like Happy Endings.

{ten} I like this for a few reasons.

- Mrs. M


  1. Now I'm going to be singing "Ryan started the fire!" to myself all evening!

    Long Way Down sounds amazing! I've never heard of it and will have to check it out now!

  2. Essie has been killing it with their collections!

  3. "That one night (one night)" Essie color is fantastic! I suck at painting my nails or anything girly, so I doubt I'll even buy them (where do you even buy Essie polish?), but still, adorable.

    Also, sooo good to have met you. Let's make this a regular thing, eh?


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