Posted on: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ever since I was little and didn't really know anything about cars, I've wanted a Jeep. My babysitter had one, and I thought she was cool and her olive green Jeep she sometimes took us to get ice cream from the McDonald's drive through in was cool too. And then, Jurassic Park. Coolest Jeeps ever.

And then I married Kyle, who also likes Jeeps (and Jeep-type vehicles). I'm still not very into cars and all that, but my dream is to have a Jeep one day. I'm not sure what it is about them. They are boxy and seem to be geared toward the rugged folks who drive over mountains, but I love them (also sports cars are mostly ugly and impractical). We sometimes look around the internet for one (only a hardtop for me, though), but the truth is they have pretty bad gas mileage, so it doesn't make any sense while we are both commuting to trade in our Civic for a Jeep. One day, though, I will have a beautiful Jeep, and it will be awesome. :)

I used to like more of the old style Jeeps of the 90s, but I think my favorite Jeep right now is the new Patriot.

What's your dream vehicle?

- Mrs. M


  1. haha I don't know what it is, but growing up I thought Jeeps were so cool! My family used to have a red one and I was obsessed with it as a kid :)

  2. I've always wanted a jeep! My super spoiled rich friend in high school got a brand news one when she turned 16. But I'm not bitter!

  3. I am headover heals for the Subaru BRZ... maybe someday.

    Before I knew about gas mileage, sensibility, and logic, I wanted a Hummer (H1 military based hummer of course).

    FYI, the green Jurassic Park tour vehicle is a Ford Explorer.

  4. Mine is actually a Jeep too and i love the picture of the Jurassic park tour jeep, brought me back to my childhood! I'm actually going to look at a Jeep in McAllen TX this weekend with my girlfriend. I can't wait, thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. nice to know that you are a jeep enthusiast. I have worked with them for a while and I believe they are the best cars you can ever have.bestop jeep can come in handy in some instances.


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