Thursday Thoughts (16)

Posted on: Thursday, August 23, 2012

{one} I love coming home from school/internship to my kitties and husband. They are all pretty cute.

 {two} Week one of class + internship is almost over! It's been pretty intense and tiring, but in a good way. No more fire alarms going off.

{three} This chair and room just looks so comfy and cozy. I imagine there is also a fireplace in the room. I want to be there.

{four} Now that I'm commuting to campus, I am glad that I finally got some prescription sunglasses. This way I can both see clearly AND drive into the morning sun!

 {five} I really don't have much else. Lots going on but I gotta get back to work!

- Mrs. M


  1. That chair looks way comfortable. Love that it's a chair big enough for two people. Ooh, cute sunglasses. Thanks fro reminding me I need to go get some prescription sunglasses of my own. Driving with the sun in your eyes all morning is the pits.


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