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Posted on: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ok, so I made one of those thermometers as promised, but it looked stupid, so I will just tell you our progress!

A very big Thank You to the following friends and family for donating:
Galen. Sam. Jilli. Dan. Matt. Aaron. Emma. Richard. Erica. Mom & Dad Haviland. Isaac. Sean. Toby. Bhavna.

At this point we have received payments for $565 and commitments to donate totaling $615. Which means: we've covered the cost of the laptop! We will look into getting him a case and a mouse to go with it. All additional money will go towards things for our soldier, though we're not too sure of the mailing situation at the moment, so they might not get to him until he returns. Kyle wrote this in his latest mass email the other day:
"So the last address I sent you all said "-----"  as per an email put out from our Captain to the Family Readiness Group at Fort Hood, BUT everything I've heard since then has said put -----.  It makes me worried about any stuff you all may have already sent, especially the laptop Brandon and Sarah arranged for me.  I want to say thank you to all of you who donated toward it; I was going to do a big thank you post and maybe letters for the individual doners, but it's looking like I may not have the time/access to do so whenever the parcel finds it's way to me.  It meant a lot to me that Brandon and Sarah set that up and find so many people eager to chip in to surprise me."
Thank you so much everyone! I'll let you know what else we get for Kyle, and hopefully when his computer gets to him over there. 

-Mrs. M


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