Happy List

Posted on: Monday, October 3, 2011

I was going to do a post on what I miss about Kyle (barf, I know. Plus it would read "um...everything.") but instead I'm going to do a happy list, because a) when in doubt, make a list, and b) thinking of happy things is always a good choice in pastime.

1. Arrested Development is back, baby!
2. I enjoyed the Dexter season premiere; it felt more like Dexter of the good old days (seasons one through four). I loved seeing such giddy excitement out of him at the prospect of a new serial killer challenge.
3. It sounds like there is maybe kind of a chance that Kyle will actually be back in January, maybe? You never know, but the news I've been getting has sounded a little more promising and official. We'll see...I am not getting my hopes up (too much), but keep your fingers crossed for us!
4. TV shows probably shouldn't be the topic of three things making me happy, but I've been really enjoying Parks & Recreation, The Office, and Happy Endings for some funny times.
5. Tracy and Christy and Emma coming to visit this weekend, and making sure I feel pretty for dress shopping.
6. Hockey.
7. My work at PATH.
8. Tapping my nails on tables n' things.
9. When random memories of Kyle pop into my head and make me smile.
10. Mornings off work.

What makes you happy lately? Feel free to share!

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. #1 is AWESOME. can't wait.
    #2 is sure to make me happy.... but haven't seen it yet.


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