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Posted on: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I had a couple other topics in the works for this week, but I thought this was the most fitting since I am going dress shopping this weekend! I am actually pretty nervous. Though I do not know yet exactly how the ceremony is going to go, I do not like having everyone staring at me...not even saying anything, just you walk...staring...what do you do? Stare back? I don't know, it's kind of weird to me. Of course there's not much point in trying to look awesome if nobody can see you, but for a while there I didn't even want a wedding and all the attention on me still makes me nervous.

"me" as bride via

What are my concerns with the dress? Well, finding one. Not knowing what will look good or work, if anything. ...I guess that is mostly it, but those are the pretty big ones. And those concerns can only be addressed if you actually start trying on dresses, so... I hope the people at the shops are helpful. If not, there's always Kleinfeld's...  : )

Have any dress shopping advice?

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  1. Not that I've ever done it due to a wedding approaching, but you can ask Steph Baker, I used to model dresses. Honestly, you can go into a shop with only a list of things you don't like and a vague idea of what you do, and a consultant there, depending on where you go, will do their best to find something for you.

    And as for what you do when everyone is staring at you as you walk down the aisle? Stare at Kyle. I mean, okay, that doesn't make people stop looking, but I've heard from some people that it helps to look at their husband because it focuses them on what's really important - the two of you, and what this ceremony really stands for.

    Good luck, and most of all, have fun! Weddings are stressful, but they're geared toward the couple as a celebration of their union. So awkward feelings while being stared at aside, hold your head high, and remember that it's all about what lies ahead.

  2. The best way to find a dress is to try them on, as you said. There is a great bridal shop in Bellefonte.
    They have the largest selection of dresses in Centre County. I recommend Maggie Sottero dresses personally, it seemed like all the dresses I liked were that brand. Although the dress I ended up wearing was $24 on ebay! Kind of an impulse buy and ended up being my favorite. Oh yeah and one thing nice about the Maggie Sottero website is that they have a section with real people wearing their dresses instead of just edgy models. It gives you an idea of what they really look like on all shapes and sizes:

    As for people looking at you... that's why they're there! The people present at your wedding are there because the two of you are not alone in the world, and the people who you have brought together through your relationship have also been changed for the better. In Tom and my ceremony, one of the readings said a three fold cord is not easily broken. The third cord is your family and friends. With that strength, you are able to pull through anything. Obviously that realization doesn't make them stop looking at you! Tom was trembling from standing up there all alone waiting for me. Once I got there, we could focus on each other and because I was thinking about helping him relax, I was also relaxed.

    So excited for you to start trying them on! What fun!


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