Fall is Fading

Posted on: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I know autumn still has a ways to go yet, but the leaves are already starting to turn more brown and dull, October is almost over, and Christmas is slowly but surely creeping up. Also, snow may be happening soon. In my head, which often operates a week in advance as my schedule comes out, October is actually already over. Halloween is in one week. I wonder if people trick or treat at apartment buildings? I haven't picked any pumpkins (discounting the mini ones from Giant and this glass candle holder). I have had a fair amount of pumpkin spice coffee. I've hardly stopped to enjoy crunching leaves under my boots. The kittens have played in the leaves on the porch (look for pictures on Saturday). I haven't cooked or baked anything with pumpkin innards. I haven't been for a walk in the woods. I haven't watched anything spooky. I did however attend a little Halloween party for residents at the Arc in Howard (but I didn't know I was going and did not dress up, not that I have anything to dress up as anyway). At my other job we took the kids to get a few pumpkins and they will be finishing carving them today while I roast the seeds. All in all, a pretty sad excuse for such a fall fanatic as I claim to be. I will have to fit in what I can during the rest of this week. I'll see what I can do!

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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