Sarah is Sick

Posted on: Friday, October 14, 2011

Yesterday afternoon at work I started sneezing and feeling a bit off. I thought I had a tension headache making my neck sore and painful, but as the day progressed I knew I was getting sick. Good news is I skipped the three or four days of a sore throat leading up to the cold and went straight to the heavy head, not-really-very-runny-but-you-think-it-is nose, and chills in your bones part of being sick. This leads me to believe it will be a short sickness, perhaps mostly over with by about Monday (fingers crossed and with some help from below). I kind of enjoy the chills actually.

It was kind of a weird day. To start last night I am fairly certain I saw the clock at every hour between when I went to bed around 11 and when I got out of bed at 5, so not much sleeping. Then my coworker didn't show up for the morning shift at the Arc (there are two of us every morning), so I had to get all the residents ready, showered, fed, medicated and transported myself. There was a bit of panic at first, but it actually went quite well, and we were only a little later than usual. I felt pretty good about it. pretty good indeed.

I got some medicine afterwards and headed back to the apartment for my few hours of a break in between jobs. I did not workout as I usually would during this time, but I got some organizing done and caught up on some hulu. I also got to chat with Kyle a little bit as his internet was going in and out. I love that man. We're gonna get matching shoes and everyone will be jealous. ok maybe it won't be our first pair of matching shoes...

Time for job number two at 1pm. It was a good time. I usually drive about three and a half hours total every day picking kids up and dropping them off (they live as far away as possible and in completely opposite directions. I pass on average two Amish buggies a night), but it was a little shorter today. Also, sometimes this job just makes me want to tear up from, well sometimes from sadness for the kids, but more often from happiness and overwhelming appreciation to be working with both the kids and my coworkers. I was in a really pleasant mood actually, so much so that one of the kiddos exclaimed, "Miss Sarah, you're silly!" I made tacos for dinner for everyone and had to brave some PSU Homecoming traffic taking the kids home, but now I am back to my kittens and I am going to eat an apple. and think about when some day in the future I will write about "the kiddos" I will actually be talking about our own...hmm. 

the kids and I all thought the sky was pretty neat tonight

I work Saturday 6:30 to 3pm, but I have a rare day off on Sunday. I will probably still be sick, but a good sick day can be kinda nice and a good reason to just stay in blankets watching movies, and catching up on my blogging. :) and probably eight other things too. 

Have a great weekend!
-Mrs M


  1. Goodness gracious I love you. And I'm so glad you're working with kids (I know I say that EVERYDAY). I am also jealous that I'm not. Reading Moby Dick is not as rewarding.

  2. Thank you for letting your readers into your life. So many FEELINGS when reading your posts. I think I like you a lot.


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