Birthday List

Posted on: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I decided to take an interest in my birthday this year (turning the big 24 on July 22), in hopes that I won't forget how old I am again. Because that happened, and I could not remember if I was 22 or 23, and had to do a little simple math to figure it out. Not again thank you! Here are a few things on my wishlist, because we all want something.

1. Elf handmade leather Muse ballet flats. I found these via bleubird and I am in love. 
2. Kelly Moore Libby bag. Purses come and purses go, but I want one that is here to stay for awhile. This is actually a camera bag company, but I've had my heart set on this bag for grad school, as it would fit everything, and has some movable organization for the inside. Kyle thinks it is too huge, but he is a boy and they fit everything they need in their huge pockets, so what does he know. It is perfect. I want. In this color. And I'd order soon before it goes out of stock again. hinthinthusband. 
3. Bonlook Griffin glasses!  With my current glasses I can see the nose bridge/pads reflecting in the glass, which is not cool; it's like there is always a smudge I can't get out. I like these simple, large, black frames. They are sort of like my first pair of glasses from 10th grade that I quite liked, but with larger lenses; the better to see you with my dear (and I have a big head). 

Some pretty flowers would also be nice, though I never know about having any plant life in the house due to the cats and the fact that Huxley likes to eat and/or knock over anything. But really, I am just glad Kyle is around this year! Last year he was in Iraq and I asked for a letter for my birthday, which he sent, but never made its way to me, sadly. We may go to Austin for kayaking and dinner. May drink something fruity. May get a tattoo...? Fun Fact: Kyle's birthday is just three weeks after mine; both born in the hot hot summer of '88.



  1. Bahaha, I love that you said you have a big head! Too funny. That purse is super adorable.


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