The Wedding Happened

Posted on: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The last week was crazy crazy, but the wedding was perfect. Completely perfect, better than I could imagine. I will start to share much more now that I am back in Texas, and when pictures com in. Well, there are definitely pictures all about facebook, so I guess I should say when I get used to and comfortable with seeing many many pictures of myself. I especially want to share all the little details and stories from the day, like my littlest cousin being the dancing queen of the night, and Kyle setting off the fireworks at the end of the night (resulting in little charred holes in his tux shirt), how awesome our photographer was, and how hilarious all the caricature drawings are. I just keep going through the memories and they make me so happy. It was the best party, everyone had a blast and noticed all the little details I put into it, so that made me happy as well. Stay tuned for A LOT more!



  1. Woohoo! Looks beautiful and it's all pre-photos! I cannot wait to see pictures and read your description about it. Happy vow renewal!

  2. so excited to see more! it already looks like it was a beautiful weekend!


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