Thursday Thoughts (10)

Posted on: Thursday, June 7, 2012

{one} I was cleaning the stove yesterday and the cats were not helping out.

{two} I just want it to be next week already. I'm all anxious and haven't been sleeping well this week because I want to just be doing wedding things, but I don't have much more I can do from here. I finally got started on my vows, though! It's more of a letter I guess. I'm not sure how these things are supposed to go so I just started writing. I do what I want! I was writing mine on my notepad that friends gave me after I got married (which inspired this blog title), and they also got some for Kyle, but I think stationary with wedding moose is not most appealing to an Army man, but I suggested he write his on his notepad, because that would be super cute to have our vows on our matching married paper. Dork.
I've filled the front and back of my page so far!

{three} I feel so bad about leaving the cats while we go up to PA for the wedding. Even though they are staying at a nice pet resort. I hope they still love me. :(

{four} When Kyle and I moved here, we could not find ice cube trays, so we had to order them from Amazon. Dumb, right? We were in Wal Mart the other day and came upon an endless supply of ice cube trays for the Everyday Low Price of $1.93. Sigh. People use ice in the winter, too! It's Texas, it doesn't ever get that cold!

{five} I am recently in love with these little Finnish birds by Sanna Annukka . They are sielulintu which means "soul bird," believed to protect a person's vulnerable soul when they are asleep and dreaming. It is a symbol of good luck, happiness, and protection. I kind of have a thing for Finnish birds. I was given a cool bird necklace by one of my host families, and when talking about potential tattoo ideas for me, Kyle and I have tossed around the idea. I certainly would love one of these wooden birds for my home, and possibly as tattoo inspiration...ja minä rakastan Suomi paljon.
{six} Whaddaya think of the new header and button, made by the lovely Joelle? It's just what I wanted- something simple but that would add a little fun to the page. Thanks Joelle! If anyone wants to swap buttons, let me know! :)

{seven} Kyle doesn't much like texting, so it should say something about how much we love Liam Neeson that I received this text this morning.

{eight} Wedding is a week from tomorrow. eeeeeeeeeeeeee so excited. Accuweather forecast for the 15th in State College used to show scattered rain, and today it says 78 and bright sunshine. So we will see. I think my ideal (keeping in mind it is summer, because my ideal would be fall and cool weather) would be 70 and sunny, but I think, no I know, I'd even take some rain over blistering heat and humidity. I hate it that much, and umbrellas can be so cute in pictures. I played the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz as a child, I do not want to relive the "I'm melting!!" scene on my wedding day. Also I wouldn't want my skin to be green.

{nine} Bloggy friends- anybody interested in doing a (probably wedding related) guest post/feature next week while I am in the midst of wedding week? Kendall will be telling us all about her May 20th wedding, and I'd love to hear about your wedding experiences too!

-Mrs. M


  1. You're wedding's a week from now, how freakin' exciting! Also, how in the world is that hot man 60 years old? Doesn't matter, he's still pretty darn hot.


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