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Posted on: Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reasons to Start This: 

I used to write. Now I only really write to Kyle as Army limitations require, and occasionally for school (even then, I hardly write; you'd think there'd be more writing for anthropology and psychology). I like writing. All kinds of writing: songs, raps, poems, essays, research papers, short stories, greeting cards. If you're lucky, in the past you may have received or been witness to a creative work of mine. I feel a lot of my creativity has left me; I hope to rediscover some creative leftovers somewhere in my brain. 

I used to be fun. Now I am not fun. I mean "now" as in "the last three or four years." I have changed a lot since a lot of people really knew me, this is just one of the ways. I think it is weird to somehow have changed so much so rapidly, but Kyle reassures me by telling me that he fell in love with me as I am now, not as I was back in high school when we first became good friends. Sometimes he says the right things. :) I don't think a blog will make me more fun (that idea makes me laugh), but I think it will be a good place to write about changes and to reintroduce myself to people I used to know, who I feel expect me to be as I was years ago. 

I spend most of my time alone. I see friends once or twice a week, sometimes less.  Another big change from four or five years ago. I'm quite good at being alone, and I don't mind it most of the time. Good thing too, with a husband in the military, right?  But anyway, maybe this will be a good way for people to know What Is Up. 

Kyle is the best and brightest part of my life. I don't think many people know or understand us as a couple, as evidenced by the confused inquiries as to why we got married so quickly and assumptions that I might be pregnant (rude and not at all the case). It sort of makes me mad, but mostly I understand: how are other people to know us as a couple, when we're hardly ever in the same place as a couple. We've been together three years now, and lived in the same place for only about seven months of that time. Somehow we managed to remain close while living in different countries, turn our high school friendship into something more, start dating in different states, continue dating in different states, date some more in the same state (woohoo!), date in the Army, get engaged, and get married. I hope to let you in a bit on the ins and outs of our relationship, so that you understand us a little better, and so I can show off how spectacular we are. 

My life isn't entirely boring, somehow. I'm finishing undergrad, recently married, joined the military by said marriage, moving again, wedding reception planning, spending a lot of time in airports, planning what is to come next, etc. My life is entirely crazy, actually. Most of the crazy is courtesy of the Army (thanks babe!), but I'm learning how to work with the surprises, frustration, and uncertainty that is life in the military.

I get the name "From the Desk" from the notepads my Parkview friends (as I collectively call them) had printed for Kyle and I after getting married. It was the first thing I received with my new name on it. The design/color scheme of the blog will be a work in progress, but I wanted to get the writing started.

I want to write about me, people around me, my new forming family (not a baby! Though we did want to use this for April Fools last week, but I guess we chickened out.), thoughts on things, happenings, movies, weather, news, psychology, travels, the stupidity of things, and whatever else I feel like. For example, I plan to do a review of various modes of transportation, as I have spent the last 3 years becoming very familiar with how to get from one place to another. It'll be a real thriller, so stay tuned!


  1. I truly love this and I love you. I was thinking about starting a blog the other day, so don't be mad if I copy. But I probably won't because I have no time.

    I'm excited to follow you and creep creep creep. <3


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