"Headache or no headache, thus and so had to be done."

Posted on: Monday, April 18, 2011

Kittens are awesome and I love them. They slept next to me through the night; I woke up with Darwin curled up on my chest. They definitely like being close, but they didn't seem fazed by me being gone today. It seems as long as they're together they'll keep each other occupied, running around and chasing one another, or just sleeping. Darwin likes to sit on my shoulder; Huxley is a little more uneasy up there as he's a bit bigger. They are quite playful and are already pretty comfortable with their surroundings, less hesitant to jump onto and off of various landings. They are 7 weeks old today; born February 28. I'm taking them to the cat clinic on Friday; hopefully all is well.

In other news, I've been suffering from tension/migraine/mystery painful headaches for the greater part of about ten days now. Sometimes medicine works, sometimes it doesn't. Usually I have to just keep trekking through the day because nothing helps anyway. Luckily this evening the pain has largely abated. Hopefully they stop soon altogether. I've always been prone to headaches, but not this kind where the whole back of my head and neck hurt and are burning up. Unpleasant.

I'm almost done one last quick paper, I've got a couple classes this week, finishing up tutoring some students and data entry in the lab, then all that's left is a take home final due next Tuesday during Finals Week, and I'm done! I'm not as enthused as the exclamation point lets on; the semester has more dwindled down without a bang or anything particularly exciting/challenging, but hopefully I'll feel some sense of accomplishment for the last four years when it's all said and done. I think I'll get myself some wine.

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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