Easter Surprise

Posted on: Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kyle showed up at my door Friday evening, much to my surprise! I was a little incoherent for a couple minutes until the shock wore off. He got me to the door by gchat via his Kindle on his ride over from the airport; he asked if I checked my mail and told me he "sent me something" that should have arrived by about six. Pretty cute. I'm glad Kyle got to meet the kittens; they were hyper all weekend with a new person around, and I've got lots of extra scratches to prove it. Kyle and I didn't have much time to ourselves, but it was a really nice surprise and great to see him as always. We watched the Penguins do a terrible terrible job losing to the Lightning, and spent time with his extended family who were in town for Easter.

I do did not know anything about Easter, or God, or Jesus. Kyle does, though, so I asked him to tell me all about it. Even after a thirty minute story time plus Q&A yesterday, I had a lot of questions when we went to Presbyterian Church with his family this morning. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and the stories seem full of odd contradictions and loop holes (I guess this is where faith comes in), but it is interesting. I grew up without any religion or teaching about such things, so the going ons of Church sort of perplex and intimidate me. I'm thinking I should read the Bible and see what it's all about, for starters. I'm more familiar with gods/stories of the worlds creation in the context of epic Greek mythology; I like the Greek pantheon and tales of the Gods' battles, faults and hypocrisy, but I usually assume I'm not sitting next to someone who takes such mythology to be true, as could easily be the case when approaching the Bible. Religion is a broad, complex topic and my questions sound a bit childish, but I'm interested in how and why people pick and choose what to believe.

Happy Easter, whether to you it means celebrating the idea that "He has risen," or being the one to find the most hidden candy eggs!

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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