A Few of my Favorite Things

Posted on: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In no particular order and for no particular reason...

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: I was not very familiar with Jimmy Fallon before his late night talk show started, but I love the show. He's kind of like a child having fun and being silly for an hour each night. I don't mind if he can't keep a straight face, it's kind of endearing. The skits are fun, the games are ridiculous, and, as every guest comments on, he has The Roots. Also, this was really awesome. If I am ever in New York City, going to the show is on my list of things to do (along with going to Bobby Flay's restaurant. I'm a big fan with no real explanation for it).

Gomez: The Band. I actually discovered them a couple years ago when they were guests during the first week of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, performing the song Airstream Driver. I loved the song and watched the performance over and over. They're great, from Britain, and I don't know anyone who has heard of them. It is rare that I like more than a couple songs on an album, and even more rare that I find a new artist that I like enough to stick with over the years. They have a lot of different sounds, and share singing duties to help in doing so. They have a new album out in June that I'm quite excited for. Check them out!

Dinosaurs: Jurassic Park. Need I say much more? Dinosaurs appeal to the child in all of us, and JP will always be one of my favorite movies. Also Kyle and I think it would be kind of awesome to have a Jurassic Park Jeep, because we are dorks, and like Jeeps.

Postcards: People don't send much mail just for pleasure these days. Postcards are great; the sender doesn't have to write a lot, and the receiver will be glad to get a friendly note in the mail. For the last several years after returning from my year abroad, my Australian friend Claire, my German friend Nathalie and I have been sending postcards to each other. Not on any sort of regular basis, just when we find a good one and think to send it. I just sent them a great "Howdy from Texas" card with some creepy buff cowboys on it. We are particularly fond of weird and/or ugly postcards that someone might take slight offense to receiving if they weren't in on the joke that it's not actually supposed to be a pretty card. It is also fun to make postcards out of brochures, pamphlets and flyers you might find about campus. I've accumulated quite a collection, and I always keep an eye open for another gem to send out when I see a postcard rack in a store.

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


  1. How about the JP Ford Explorer?


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