Sunday Assortment

Posted on: Sunday, April 17, 2011

I can't wait to move to my third floor (top floor) corner apartment in June. I am a very light sleeper and it is not easy for me to fall asleep, especially with people above me moving about, filling my room with clanks, thuds, and bangs at undesirable hours of the night. I get quite stressed when it comes to bedtime, and I often do not sleep in my bed to avoid becoming frustrated, or wait until all signs of sound have died down before even attempting to sleep. This means my sleep schedule is often at the mercy of those living above/around me, and they are not always forgiving. Oh well. Things should be much better at the next place (I say that every year, but this time it should actually happen).

Mom and I ate at P.F. Chang's for lunch yesterday; we'd both never been there. For dessert they had single serving cakes and pie varieties served in shot glasses. This is really the perfect size for something sweet after you've mostly filled up on your meal. Of course my immediate thought was- that would be great for reception treats/favors! Perhaps getting personalized shot glasses for the occasion, and filling them with a variety of tasty treats. I don't know how expensive or doable this would be for a larger party, and it's quite similar to the treats-in-jars concept, but it can't hurt to add another idea to the pile, being in the early stages of planning. It may be more practical for a bridal shower-type setting. Also I completely forgot until right now that bridal showers are a thing. Am I supposed to have one? Huh.

Kittens are here! They are very tiny. At first Darwin was more the explorer, while Huxley settled in on my bed pretty quickly and was purring a lot. After a nap on the bed, they were both pretty adventurous and checking out their new territory, though Huxley was a little more hesitant. They alternate between play time and nap time, both times are equally adorable. Their favorite place so far has been the couch, good for both sleeping and climbing about. We all wish Kyle was here too. 

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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