Ears, Sun and Jon the Waiter

Posted on: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today I gave a group presentation on HIV/AIDS: Cross Cultural Perspectives. My computer was slow and didn't work, but we had the powerpoint on a flash drive so the show went on, just on someone else's computer. Shout out to the people in the back row sleeping through it.

It was super sunny and warm today! All the little dots on the grass in the picture are people probably not wearing a whole lot of clothes. Truth: yesterday people were wearing winter jackets and boots in the rainy cold. Tracy, Allie, Christy and I (the Parkview crew) met up and got a free hotdog at one of those Typical College Events- the ones they have outside with music and cotton candy machines and free t-shirts and little-to-no real organization. Then we all got our ears pierced, courtesy of Nick at Hot Rod Piercing Company! My seventh ear piercing, this time the cartilage on the left side. Pictures! Guess which ear is mine...

So in conclusion, ears are pretty weird looking when taken out of context of the whole face.

On the walk back to Parkview we saw Jon the Waiter sitting on his porch, drinking a Yuengling and reading a book. Jon doesn't know who we are, but he served us the two times we went to Red Robin, so we know who he is. There have been a few Jon sightings around campus, but this was my first one, and he was right there. So I shouted his name to say hello and he was confused and we explained and they were embarrassed and he told us to come back to Red Robin and I said sorry for being creepy and they couldn't believe I did that but I told them that I really do not care what I say to random semi-strangers around here because I'm leaving quite soon anyway. Fun day!

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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