Reception Table Numbers

Posted on: Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back when Kyle and I actually got married, Christy, talented artist, Pitt friend and future bridesmaid, made for us this amazing wood burned sign, Mr. and Mrs. Moose McPherson (top right). I love it so much; it is up on a little wall outside our bedroom. When it came to figuring out table numbers, I came up with the idea of doing something similar with wood burning. I figured each table could, instead of just having the number wood burned, also have a personal image of something to do with Kyle and I. These would definitely be something we would keep afterwards, and my idea is to possibly have them up in our future nursery (because of the numbers...teaching to count or something)! Christy was awesome and agreed to make them, and they may just be my favorite part of the decor. They are amazing! She did an incredible job, and they really added a lot to each table. I meant to bring ours from home to have at our sweetheart table, but forgot to take it off the wall so in Texas it stayed; no big deal. Thank you, Christy, for your beautiful work! You should open an Etsy shop or something... I took pictures of each one the other day, and I can tell you a little bit about why I picked each image! I came up with maybe twenty ideas to begin with, and then narrowed it down once we knew how many tables the guest count required. 
1. the Pittsburgh Penguins logo! We are both fans, pretty simple.
2. I guess people probably assumed these were wedding bells, but I actually meant a bell to represent Bell County, where Kyle and I actually got married down in Texas (Bell County courthouse). The groomsmen were at this table and probably disappointed they got something lame.
3. Maple leaf- for Canada obviously! A table completely full of Canadians (my family) sat here, so that worked out well.
4. Steelers logo- Kyle is a big fan and I usually enjoy watching with him. Football isn't my favorite, but he's gotten me into in a little, and taught me about the game and players.
5. A motorcycle! Because Kyle has one and is very into them and wants me to get one too so we can ride all over together.
6. Moose is my favorite animal; I saw one in the wild in Finland.
7. The kitties! I just told Christy to have something with cats, but she actually replicated a photograph of Darwin and Huxley. So sweet.
8. A beer bottle for Kyle and a wine glass for me! Cheers!
9. Kyle is in the Army.
10. After we got married on a Monday morning, we were really hungry and went to IHOP for brunch. So now it is kind of our place and an anniversary tradition. It is not that good a restaurant, unfortunately, but it's our thing now. :)
11. The Pitt panther, since we both went to school there and it is a special place for us. Amazing detail. I didn't plan out all the table images to coordinate with who was sitting at the table, so most folks at this table were Penn State people; my bad!

Here's a few photos guests took of their respective tables! More info on the rest of the table top decor to come!
 {above} by Kendall
 {above} by Jilli {below} by Tracy

- Mrs. M


  1. thats cool and really creative

  2. this is such a cool, unique idea! i love it!

    - lauren

  3. Oh Sarah! I am just so excited that you liked them! <3


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