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Posted on: Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am leaving out the pictures of the large spider I killed in our house, and the plague of crickets that has taken over Texas. You're welcome.
 hotel in Mississippi, cutting board by Christy! signed Bobby Flay book, groceries- back to real life
 slow cooker, post-wedding business, new fancy vacuum
 first slow cooked meal! cats, cats, cats and husband
 Kyle brought home push pops from the dollar store, frozen sangria/margarita, someone sent Kyle beer brewing things..., Hux half under the bed
sweet D, Hux in their new favorite box, getting wedding things out for the cats to knock over repeatedly, our cake topper on display

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  1. hahah i love your instagram warning-I love all the cat pictures! you're my kind of gal.


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