Bye Texas!

Posted on: Saturday, June 9, 2012

First off, a few photos from around here in the last week or so.
 wedding planning at the laundromat, random pet cemetary by the laundromat, working on the program, cleaning cat hair off of my suitcase everything.
 turkey meatballs, D napping on Kyle's messy dresser, what to pack what to pack, kitty stuff ready to go to the Pet Resort
picture from my aunt of my cousin in her jr. bridesmaid attire! little babes in a nest! wet motorcycle
packing and kittens

And now...

I will certainly still be posting, because I am an addict and I seriously enjoy documenting this process, but I may not be around as much. You can follow me on instagram or twitter @mrssmcp, though if you like! I had to drop off the cats yesterday as we're leaving before places open, and I've been so sad ever since. I may have slept four hours. We have two days on the road to get up there, and then things really get started. :)



  1. I'm so excited, Sarah. Looking forward to see you and Kyle on Friday!!!!! Safe travels, enjoy this adventure!


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