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Posted on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

While our favorite Bride-to-Be is busy getting ready for her big day, I'll go ahead and tell you about mine! You might remember me from a previous wedding Wednesday post where I showed you the ribbon rose bouquet that I made.

I had a few other crafts up my sleeve as well, so I'll go right ahead and show you those as well as my favorite wedding pictures, moments and accessories!

On May 20th, at the General Potter Farm (coincidentally the same place Sarah will be having her wedding) I became Mrs. Feather! (Awesome last name, isn't it?)

Two of My Favorite Pictures from the Day (although who am I kidding, practically all of them were my favorite):

My Favorite Crafted Detail (Other than my bouquet): With some help from my dad (he cut out all the pieces) I did woodburned table numbers for all the guest tables... they were another one of those crafts that took a huge amount of time and effort, but I've saved them so I can reuse them when Adam and I buy a house and I'll turn them into custom house numbers.
 {above} in progress {below} finished table numbers

And just for fun I also did a special Mr. & Mrs. one for our sweetheart table! (On the back I did a feather, but I don't have a picture of the other side)

My Favorite Keepsake (again, aside from my bouquet, because I love that thing!):  Instead of doing the traditional guestbook that I know I would shove in a box and never look at again, I wanted to do something I could hang up and put on display. I came across this thumbprint tree idea on the internet somewhere (I'm sure you've all seen it by now) and got to work straight away painting in the tree. I love how it turned out, especially with all the different shades of green thumbprints. My only oops moment... when I realized the handiwipes we so thoughtfully provided didn't help in the slightest with getting the ink off our guests thumbs. Whoops! 
Now I just need to get a frame for it and figure out where to hang it...

My Favorite Accessory: These shoes! So glad I convinced Adam to let me get purple ones...

My Favorite Moments: Our first dance, a funny moment during Father/Daughter dance, and a surprise dance for my brother and sister-in-law. Allow me to explain...Adam and I took waltz lessons for our first dance, so we were ready to wow everyone with our awesome dance moves for this number! We screwed up a few times because we were nervous, but everyone still loved it and I'm super glad we did something special for it. Plus, now I know how to waltz! (Also note that we high-fived at the end after a really romantic dip, so we got a lot of laughs for that one.)

Now the Father/Daughter dance was one of my favorite moments because of something hilarious my dad did/said... Bear in mind I picked the song Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman specifically to ensure that he cried. He got all teary-eyed in the middle of our dance and suddenly got serious and said "I love you, Son." And I looked up and go "Did you just say son?" "No...*shakes head sadly then pauses before admitting*... yes, yes I did" and then we both burst out laughing. He told me later that he was going to say "Sunshine" but then changed it to "Honey" halfway through and by the time it came out he knew he was saying it wrong but couldn't save it he just stopped and hoped I wouldn't notice.

The third thing was a surprise first dance that I arranged for my brother and sister-in-law. They married in South Korea in 2008 when he was deployed in the army and they wanted to have a wedding when he got out of the army but for several reasons, were not able to. I wanted to do something special for her to make her feel like she had a little bit of "her day" so I thought it would be fitting to give them a first dance. I had the DJ make an announcement about a surprise first dance and then start describing the couple with a few key details about their relationship and how they never got their first dance before finally revealing who it was for. I was half expecting them to both be mad at us for putting them at the center of attention but she was wiping away tears and he was grinning ear-to-ear, so I'd say it went over well. Plus we got some really cute pictures of it!

What Didn't go as Planned: My bouquet toss never happened because most of the single ladies were out of town guests who needed to leave early since it was a Sunday night. By the time we were supposed to do the toss... most of them had left. However, that day, I didn't care at all! (Tip: Don't stress out about worrying about those little details. If it doesn't mean the world to you, don't worry about it not happening exactly as planned because you won't care or remember anyhow!)

A few more details:

Seed Packet Wedding Favors

Table Placecards

All in all I was completely, utterly, and wonderfully satisfied with how the day went and how everything turned out. And the best part? I'M MARRIED!!!

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Feather


Wasn't the wedding beautiful? It made me so happy, and I love the little stories. Thank you Kendall, for sharing with us! See you soon! S. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I love all the details that you put together! It looks like it all came together just beautifully my dear, and I am so happy that you have a few fun keepsakes from that special day.

    Also, the first dance for your brother and sister-in-law? Totally made me tear up at my desk. How sweet is that!

    Thanks for linking up today Sarah, and it was lovely meeting you Mrs. Feather ;)



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