Wedding Day Essentials

Posted on: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've been thinking about putting together a little day-of bag, of just-in-case items and extras it would be a good idea to have handy through the day. I was talking about this yesterday with our wedding photographer Jana, and she shared a story about saving the day the other week with her Tide to Go pen, when some bright pink flowers left their mark on the bride's gown before the start of the ceremony. Yikes! Here's what I've come up with. 

{1} button down shirt so you don't have to pull things over your hair and makeup.

{2} Small purse to have a few things with you at your table (of course all the rest of this stuff will be hauled in my usual purse). {3} A pair of comfortable shoes in case. 

{4} Medicine! Especially as I am prone to ailments and headaches in much less stressful times. I will probably take some in the morning regardless of how I feel. {5} Mints! {6} Granola bars, or some food. Because I have a feeling I will not feel like eating and someone should force me.

{7} Chapstick. And makeup for any touch ups. {8} Little tissue packets. Less for crying and more for anything else, but I think I cry if other people cry, so we will see. {9} pins and other hair necessities.

{10} Water! {11} Alcohol. I think mini bottles of alcohol are just adorable, and I think it'd be fun (necessary) to take a drink before this whole thing goes down. Liquid courage; I don't like people staring at me. {12} Tide to Go stain remover pen! Accidents happen. 

Do you have any other suggestions for items to add to my bag? Someone said a bottle of nailpolish to match your color, but I am pretty sure having wet nails when you have no time to wait for them to dry (I mean really dry to the point where nothing can smudge or imprint on them, that takes hours) and a million things to do is worse than a little chip.



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  2. On the vein of makeup - baby wipes or other moist towlettes, for quick cleanups or hand wipes. Tissues are good, but these might be better! Baby powder too, can help with sweaty things (I use it for riding boots in the summer). Fingernail clippers/file. Umbrella. Snake bite kit... oh wait, now I'm just going down the list of stuff in my e-kit in the car...

  3. Definitely carry all this with you. Also, I'd add those oily face blotter sheets if you tend to have oily skin (which I totally do).

  4. These are all great suggestions! And all very necessary...especially the Tide pen. I've had to use it on more than one occasion...I have a pretty extensive wedding day emergency kit that I'm excited to share on the blog someday!

    Thanks for linking up today!


  5. Thanks for the tips ladies! :)


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