Want to Do Something Nice for Kyle?

Posted on: Thursday, October 6, 2011

Calling all friends and fans of Kyle!

Kyle has had some access to internet in the last couple days, making me a very happy wife. His laptop is five years old, and in technology years, that's retirement age. He has had trouble with his computer, and while it is not completely kaput, it is certainly on its way out. Our friend Brandon emailed me with a great idea this afternoon. We are, with your help, going to get him a new one and have it sent straight (well as straight as Army mail travels) to him in Iraq! We think this will make him a very happy soldier, and improve his means of communication and entertainment.

To contribute, any little bit, please email Brandon Curtis at Or email me {} and I will pass it along. I am also putting a package of other things together to send him, and some accessories for his new laptop, once we figure out which one to get him. Brandon is going to be in touch with Kyle to pick a computer, and I will keep you updated on our progress! Kyle will be touched to know friends are thinking of him.

Dear husband,
Surprise! We all love you very much. : )

Thanks everyone!



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