In Which I Ramble About the Gift Registry

Posted on: Monday, October 3, 2011

I've slowly started adding things to our list! You can add things from any store/site online and it keeps track of them all on the one site, including money gifts (and that his/hers/ours decanter set I mentioned earlier). I haven't gone much outside of the kitchen in my selections so far; I'm not entirely sure what all you're supposed to ask for, aside from a mixer, and I've got that picked.

{I think I will go with pistachio.} 

You wouldn't think shopping for things that other people will for buy you would be hard, but it is kind of stressful because I have to decide on all gifts for the both of us. I hope Kyle likes the things I pick. I shouldn't worry too much; I don't imagine he would be too picky about kitchen appliances and bake ware, but still; I will certainly get some raised eyebrows if my choices are too wacky or impractical. We didn't get a chance to discuss colors or styles or anything for our future home, and I do wish he could tell me what knife set to get and other things he is more knowledgeable about. I'm trying to find some things he would particularly like in our future home; he likes to cook and entertain too, though I will be safe getting anything beer and alcohol related to appease him. I had considered that we should just ask for money, because a) less to haul down to Texas and b) we could shop for things together which would be fun, but I know some guests would prefer getting gifts, and it will be fun to have things in pretty paper to open (fun fact about me: I have a slight fear of opening gifts). Depending on when he gets back, though, and if we move together down to Texas sooner than wedding times, we might already have more of the usual house things (a toaster). 

{crate & barrel has Marimekko! (Finnish design)}

BUT ALSO the wedding isn't for 8 months so nobody should be gift shopping anyway and I don't know why a registry needs to be done so far in advance and if he comes back in January as the Army keeps on hinting there is a good chance of, there will be lots of time to get his input. 

I really really miss him. Very much. 

In conclusion, all of this makes me very excited with the realization that finally, two years after we were supposed to move in together, we will be living not only in the same country/state/city/time zone, but in the same home that we will be making together. (Don't ask me where this home is, or how we're going to find it, because that will stress me out to no end right now.) 

All I know is it's gonna be wonderful! 

{and maybe these cute bowls will help in making it so}

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. I love looking at registries! A great glimpse in to the stylistic preferences of my brethren!

    I just noticed your post about the his hers decanter set. My dad and his friends are all smart ass weirdos if I do say so, and one of his college friends I didn't know very well boasted to me that he always gets the best wedding gifts. I asked him for some examples. He had 2 hand made hatchets engraved with Him and Hers with the date of marriage. Another gift was two matching power drills, one pink one blue. Another was a 5 year supply of motor oil. For our wedding, he gave us a plank of beautiful olive wood... which I have no idea what to do with. We also got a hand made wooden box which was bought at the arts festival since I've seen them there, but it didn't say who it was from. I got a gigantic lead crystal cookie jar at my bridal shower, a cool lamp, all kinds of weird stuff I didn't ask for. Gifts are fun :)


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