Cooking with Husband

Posted on: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obviously cooking with husband is not something I have been able to do very much since back when we both lived in Pittsburgh. But we both like to cook, especially together and for each other. The Dexter opening credits (he has been watching over in Iraq) make him hungry for breakfast, so I am planning such a meal for him when he returns (I am quite good at making breakfast). Cooking for just myself is hardly inspiring, I make dinner for the kids Monday through Friday, and cook at my other job as well, so I actually don't have to eat meals at home much, a lot of frozen veggies, yogurt and granola bars. I've been collecting recipes and ideas of things I would like to make once he is back (not all at once).  These photos of tasty treats are all from Healthy Food for Living. I gravitate towards things with avocado for him, seasonal specialties for me (still in pumpkin mode), and things with mango for us both. Mostly anything that looks or sounds delicious.

I think I will start accumulating some pictures of the meals I make the kids. We get our food mostly from the food bank, so there's a lot of cans and packaged food, nothing too spectacular, but I've tried to be a little creative and put some things together that I didn't see on the menu before I arrived. Today I seasoned and roasted the seeds from the pumpkins they carved the other day (and made chili for dinner).

PS- You can find links to the recipes that make the food above on my Pinterest page.

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