The Week in Photos

Posted on: Monday, September 10, 2012

southwest quinoa salad, Hux, feet, random dinner for one
visitor kitty, Michelle, pamphlet for my agency, nail polish swap!
..., ecomap time! Hux fights the tissues, lunch at work
yum, awoken by beer brewing, empty SW building on Friday morning, napping Darwin
my favorite burrito, Hux stole my chair, cupcakes
a nice Sunday morning outside
lots of Darwin, and some pumpkin for the season!
kitty prints, Steelers! (too bad they lost, but it was a fun game), we watched with our Bronco fan friends, who have the two most adorable husky pups

- Mrs. M


  1. sarah- hope you enjoy the polish! ps- i love mine! i'm wearing the essie one right now :) oh, and can i tell you that your handwriting looks just like my BFF sarah's too!? it threw me off for a second when i got the package! lol.


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