The Week in Photos

Posted on: Sunday, September 30, 2012

 necklace, creepy card, Miss D, my favorite breakfast
Hux climbing the tree, apple cider with rum, napping Hux, quinoa stir fry
early AM gas fill up, coffee-obsessed D, leftover mix, Hux sleeping again
Saturday fall attire for a Round Rock trip
 D, treats from husband, stripes, headlamp
 packed-full school bag, water fountain at Baylor, VOTE, afternoon snack
big bug, group preparation, Starbucks gave me food poisoning, 'tis the season?
peek-a-boo Huxley! tried that sweet and sour chicken recipe all over Pinterest. the things you do in grad school...
I never get enough of his paw crossing habit, work on Saturday, first day wearing boots! bubble

- Mrs. M


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