Football Fail

Posted on: Monday, September 3, 2012

Yesterday Kyle and I met up with some social work folks and stuffed ourselves into a car with less seats than butts, and headed to the first Baylor football game of the season! As students who pay a nice student fee, we get our tickets "for free!!" (but not really), but Kyle's was $30 as a guest. We got in to the game about an hour early, took some pictures and watched the place fill up. It was fun to see all the BU football traditions, though I must say I felt a twinge of fear when all the freshman came stampeding toward me (they get to run onto the field and get to feel special for a little bit). It all made me miss Pitt and Heinz stadium with its ketchup bottles that pour out and fill the screen, but it was still entertaining. I could not get into the bear swiping motion, though. Also, undergrads are an odd mix of hilariously trying to be cool and succeeding at being mean. Oh, little ones.

But then, people started passing out. Left and right. Behind me and in front of me.
Let me explain.
So a bit into the first quarter I ventured down to get water for Kyle and I. It was 100 degrees out and our half of the stadium was melting in the sun. Clearly most everyone else in the stadium had the same idea and need for $3 bottles of water, so it was packed and lines took a while. I was surrounded by tiny complaining freshman, and I felt a body brush past my legs- down goes one girl. Another complainer beside me announced that she was seriously going to pass out if she didn't get to the front of the water line. We all let her through and next thing I see someone carrying her off to first aid. I get my water and run into Kyle on the way back to our seats, and he's telling me about some members of our group passing out or maybe passing out (all while not knowing their names and trying as best he could to describe them- he resorted to the technique from Zombieland- calling people the states they were from).

Fast forward to just about half time, and we're heading out of the stadium to leave the game. The two in our party who passed out were OK, but I guess people wanted to leave, and they were our ride, so we went with them. It was unfortunate because the shade had arrived at our section in the stands, so we'd made it past the hottest part of the game (also Kyle paid $30 for the ticket), but oh well. We'll probably go to another game, later in the season, and drive our own car in. It was fun while it lasted, though!
 Here come the freshmen!
 shots of some actual football happening

Oh, PS- Baylor totally dominated SMU and won 59-24. With how Pitt and PSU did on Saturday, we are glad we've got at least one team getting the job done. :)

- Mrs. M


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