Spice Village

Posted on: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yesterday a couple school friends and I went over to eat lunch at the Olive Branch and poke around Spice Village, a cool collection of shops in a building in downtown Waco. The shops have an open floor plan, so you just kind of wander from one section of things to another. The food at the cafe/bakery was tasty and it had a nice, relaxed atmosphere, and the shops have lots of great gift items- I will definitely go back to do some Christmas gift shopping in a couple months!

lunch (pesto chicken) and a new necklace
(I want this for my nonexistent child)

- Mrs. M


  1. I love spice! I could browse there forever. Ps- I got your super sweet thank you card today. That was so nice of you. Thanks!

  2. I totally need to come visit you. I WANT TO GO TO THERE. =)

  3. I'll take all of those earrings, please! Oh, and a pair of those star pants!


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