The Week in Photos

Posted on: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

school days
Kyle has been working on adding my patches from my travels to my motorcycle vest :)
Tuesday evening dinner at BJ's
morning iced coffee, I discovered blackboard mobile is a thing! D on Kyle's clothes, evening of West Wing watching
work ID, D looking down at me on the couch, presentation attire, Friday afternoon nap time with D
D sniffing my pumpkin candle, morning outdoors time with the cats, followed by sleeping all day, stocked up for the long weekend
 Saturday morning collecting bug bites outside with kitties, cooking a nice late dinner
3 day weekend of relaxing and enjoying being able to take time to cook! the delicious meal- lemon parsley pasta with the most amazing pork tenderloin, BU game! Hux napping

In other news, my right big toe may be broken or sprained or who knows what and for what reason, but it hurts a lot and I'm walking funny.

- Mrs. M


  1. i have to say - i love your outfit posts! they are giving me some great inspiration.

    Hope your toe feels better!


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