Posted on: Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I don't care who you are, how could you not love Michelle Obama. I vote for more inspiring people like her. 
"If farmers and blacksmiths could win independence from an empire…if immigrants could leave behind everything they knew for a better life on our shores…if women could be dragged to jail for seeking the vote…if a generation could defeat a depression, and define greatness for all time…if a young preacher could lift us to the mountaintop with his righteous dream…and if proud Americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love…then surely, surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great American Dream."
Neither side has got it quite right, and nobody is going to provide a quick fix for America, but when I think of who I want to see leading our country, I want people that will be examples for my children, people who will accept my children for whatever and whomever they will grow up to be, people who I can point to and say to my children, "They've got the right idea. They're not perfect, but they've got the right idea."  

- Mrs. M


  1. I agree with everything in this whole post. And I love Michelle Obama.


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