Washington, DC: Hunger in America Day 8

Posted on: Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 8: Saturday, May 25. For the last weekend we were participating in a "retreat" through the church we were staying at. On Saturday morning we started with a relaxed pancake breakfast, followed by a silent hour long walk through the downtown area, in which we were to observe, reflect, and just have some quiet time in the city. We were then sent to take a short walk up to a park where there are often homeless people, but we came upon a Monsanto protest right at one end of the park, so there was a lot going on. The rest of the day we had free until dinner. I took my friend Jem to explore around Eastern Market for a bit, where we talked to some strangers and I got yelled at for taking a picture (and unfortunately I didn't notice my camera was on a weird setting so the photos aren't great, but you still get an idea of the colors and character of Eastern Market). We had a chill evening back at the church, going to bed early (technically, not actually) as we had an early morning for our last day in the city!
^^creative cooking^^
^^my second ever Pitango (first was in Baltimore)^^
^^Tracey made frito pie for dinner, which is apparently a Texas thing. It was tasty!^^

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