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Posted on: Monday, August 19, 2013

This was my second-to-last free weekend before school starts! I'm  ready for school I guess. Summer has flown and really been quite good. I'll have to do a recap post this coming week. Here's a look at my weekend! Saturday I started off with a morning jog around the neighborhood with Luna, and then I drove to Waco to pick up some fresh produce and enjoy the atmosphere of the Downtown Waco Farmers Market with my friend Meghan. After we picked up some things, we went down to the river so she could photograph a bunch of her crocheted baby hats (so cute). The weather on Saturday was just about perfect; it was pleasantly cool in the shade. We had lunch at the second (or, other) Cafe Cappuccino location, and I headed back home.
^^I brought the front two home with me^^
^^I love their coconut tea, and those cookies look delicious.^^
^^trying my first canary melon^^
 ^^view of the new Baylor stadium in the works^^
 ^^chocolate chip pecan pancake^^

After play time in the backyard with Luna and packaging up a box of goodies to send Kyle, I went to Harker Heights to meet my friend Olivia to see Elysium. I went to Old Navy before the movie, and unfortunatly found my car not in the same condition that I left it in. Yeah. This is the bumper that was just completely replaced in June (after a news van ran into a car that ran into me in May). Yep. Yes. My luck, ladies and gentlemen. I checked with the store and they don't have cameras in the parking lot. The damage doesn't seem too bad; maybe they can just bend it back into place? Anyway, at the theater the two youths sitting behind me decided I was in the way of their feet being on my seat, and put them up anyway, also there was at least one toddler in the theater, again depleting my faith in humanity (I changed seats). But, I talked to insurance, got some jeans on sale, and worked out my aggression at the park with Luna and Jay Z. 
^^the current damage // damage from May^^

Sunday was spent crossing off tasks on my to do list and relaxing. With more dog walks, and playing outside, of course; I actually had all three animals out in the backyard together for a bit. :) I ended with watching Dexter and drinking wine, which, I have to say, go extremely well together.

I'm taking a bit of a break from Instagram/Twitter/Etc and constant documentation for a bit (the next week or so). I'm not saying I'll do a cold turkey complete shut down, but I plan on not paying much attention to my phone and social media, aside from using Facebook to chat with my husband, and checking my blogroll. Hopefully I'll catch up on some blogging myself in the meantime! Have a great week, all! 

- From the desk of Mrs. M

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