Washington DC: Hunger in America Day 7

Posted on: Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 7: Friday May 24. In the morning we got lost walking around a residential neighborhood for a while, trying to find our way to the Capital Area Food Bank, for a short visit walking around their facilities and hearing a bit about their services and programs. At the end of the week we packed up to move out to our second home for the trip, Church of the Epiphany. Luckily it was only a few blocks away, though I'm sure it was a sight to see twenty of us walking the downtown streets with all of our luggage and bedding! We dropped off our things and headed out a ways to Alafia Baptist Church in Maryland, where we had lunch and then spent the afternoon doing service projects. The majority of us went to Richardson Dwellings, a low-income, black neighborhood, where we sorted through donated food and clothes, and brought food bags right to people's doors. Our guide was a little boy who knew just where we had to take the bags (and warned us what areas we should not go to). Afterwards we checked out their community garden, which was pretty great with lots of colorful signs.We had dinner at a nearby school with the little kiddos, which was really fun, getting to talk to them for a while. Of course, we went to the White House again in the evening, with a stop at McDonald's (I got hot chocolate since it was quite chilly out) before returning to the church (where we were locked in for the night).
^^little garden at the Food Bank^^
^^little strawberries under there^^

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