Boston Summer Part One

Posted on: Friday, August 16, 2013

 In this post I'll be recapping Saturday evening and part of Sunday of my short trip to Boston. My friend Allie graciously picked me up from the airport upon my arrival at about 7:30, and we stopped at her parent's house to drop off my bag before heading into the city, where our first stop was Georgetown Cupcake of course, to breeze past the line and visit my sister! I tell you, I never feel more powerful than when I'm at Georgetown Cupcake, impervious to the snarky looks of people waiting in line as I excuse my way though. But anyway, Allie and I caught up while watching ducks in the dark at the park, and then got us a table at B&G Oysters where my sister met up with us after she closed the shop. Erica brought cupcakes for the staff, and they kindly gave us free wine and appetizers to try! All of the food was good, and I finally got my lobster roll!
^^I tried the Neapolitan, an August flavor of the month (which I actually suggested some months ago to my sister, just saying)^^
^^my first lobster roll!^^ 

I stayed the night at Allie's house just outside of the city, since my sister had to work in the morning. After a tasty breakfast cooked by her dad, we drove in to the city. We parked between the Public Gardens and Boston Common, and walked around there a bit on our way to our 12:30 duck tour! I thought the park was amazing in the winter, but it's even more beautiful in the summer, with the foliage, people all about, ponds, ducks, babies playing in the water fountains, etc. The duck tour was awesome; I'd seen a lot of the sights and the city prior, but it was fun to see from a different view, and have an amusing tour guide. Also, it goes in the water, so that's neat. Definitely worth it if you visit Boston.
 ^^my buddy George^^
^^Boston Public Library^^
^^quack quack^^
^^our guide has veterans sign his boat^^

We then ventured to the Fenway T stop to have a late lunch of some good old Texas BBQ at a place called Sweet Cheeks (haha, I know!). It was really very good, and probably served nicer than any barbecue I've actually had in Texas, so that's something. It may have been my favorite meal on the trip, actually.

Next, I'll post about the concert, if I can find the words. Ahh... :)

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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